Premium iPhone X


Screen replacement on the iPhone X takes 60 min on average to replace the screen but sometime can take up to an hour. All screen replacements are tested after to make sure that the phone is in better nick than you left it. All repairs come with a life time warranty. This means, if there are any faults with the screen we will gladly replace it.

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iPhone X premium screens are refurbished LCD screen with a new glass front and frame added.

You will have the exact quality in brightness, colour and intensity as you would an original iPhone screen. The upside is you pay a lesser price when purchasing from us, your warranty on the screen replacement is much longer than Apple's warranty agreement and the replacement will take quicker rather than having you waiting the whole day to have your phone repaired. 

If you would like to know more why we prefer our customers to go for the refurbished option, click on the link. It will take you to our blog post recycling, reusing and our part looking after the planet.