iPhone X battery replacement in London

Our battery replacement on the iPhone X takes about 45 minutes to replace your battery. We will conduct a couple of tests to make sure your phone is in better nick than before. All battery replacements on the iPhone X come with a 6 month warranty. This means if you have any battery draining issues we will replace the battery with a new one,.

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Some signs it time to replace your battery on your iPhone X

If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your iPhone X, could be time to replace your iPhone battery for a "healthier" one. 

1.Your battery outgrew your iPhone X, in other words your phone is beginning to swell.

2. Your iPhone X shuts down unexpectedly.

3.Your iPhone X is starting to feel sluggish.

4.You have an iPhone 5s or earlier model—and it has terrible battery life

5.Your iPhone X only works plugged in

6.Your iPhone X is hot, like hot potato hot.

All battery replacements  on the iPhone X comes with a 6 month warranty.