iPad mini 4

These days we don’t have to be physically sitting in an office in front of a desktop in order to do our work. Instead we can furiously tap and swipe away on the screens of our iPads during our morning commute, in front of the TV at home or even by the pool on holiday. But, what happens when our devices stop working and we are unable to access that urgent project we were in the middle of? Perhaps in the panic of trying to meet a deadline the iPad has slipped from the mountain of paperwork and smashed. Organising iPad screen repair is probably at the back of your mind – as besides panicking you try and find a way to continue working. But, by not doing this you could make the damage much worse than it first appears. So, stop and take a deep breath. Firstly, does the screen need to be repaired or replaced? This depends on the nature of the damage – if this is minimal it can simply be repaired, but if you leave it to get worse this could end up being a replacement. Secondly, should you claim on your insurance? This depends on how the screen cracked – accidental damage is not covered under your warranty. Finally, head down to iSamurai, who can offer you a free assessment and will aim to have the iPad screen repair completed within two hours – which means you can get back to sending those important emails and typing up vital documents in little more than a lunch break!