What Are Micro-Fractures And How To prevent it Them?

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Microfractures are tiny hairline cracks in your phone’s glass screen. Most hairline cracks often happens when you drop your beloved phone. At first, you may not see a crack on the glass, but its durability has taken its toll and the hairline crack is subtle but there. Your phone will now be far more susceptible to larger cracks  because the body of the glass has weakened and open to more damage. These small cracks, will continuous to add up and get worse till one day you might drop the phone on even just a carpet and end up shattering the whole screen. Sad face.

Many companies claim their Gorilla glass that is now used for phone screens is far stronger than the glass screens of other companies, it is not entirely impervious to the drop on the pavement. Glass will only break if the impact of a drop or fall is so forceful that overcomes the surface compression. Over time, the more microfractures— even ones you may not be able to see with the naked eye— your phone’s screen has, the likelihood  to shatter with every impact.

How To Avoid Screen Microfractures

The best way to avoid hairline cracks and microfractures is to protect your phone with the right accessories. A phone case is the best way to cover the back and sides of your phone when dropped. Even though it does not protect the screen, the cover can absorb shock when dropped.

A phone cover is a good option, but what makes even better protection is the quality of the cover. Do not go for hard plastic but rather rubber, Silicone or polycarbonate are all good choice material to protect your phone.

Lastly, a temper glass also know as a screen protector will aid your phone from microfractures.

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