My first iPhone 6s plus screen replacement

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My first iPhone 6S Plus screen replacement

I remember when I started up in the phone repair industry. I was looking for anyone, who was willing enough to part from their beloved cracked iPhone screen and trusting enough to allow me to fix it. For anyone starting up in the phone repairs, this is the first step to showing friends and family you can actually repair their phone or ending up out of pocket because you did more than just damage the phone further and but now need to replace it.

Back to the story, my first appointment was with my cousin, Aaron. He had an Black iPhone 6S Plus. He dropped it during a morning run and managed to chip the corner of the the screen. On inspection, there were no other real issues. Some issues that can arise after a phone is dropped is anything from front or rear camera not working, no volume from speaker, volume button not working or a dead phone. No one wants the later.

What I did notice however was micro fractures. This was a definite sign the screen needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

On my initial attempt replacing the screen, my first replacement screen connectors were too short to connect to the logic board connectors. There was a little panic at first, "What do I now", "how do I fix this?". After the mild anxiety subsided I quickly remembered I had another screen with me. Side note, after a couple of repairs I worked out what is the ideal stock to carry when on call out jobs. 

If you interested you can read my blog and find out what stock you should carry as well as tools.

The second screen fitted like a glove, flush on the iPhone. It took me over an hour to replace the screen. I think not too bad from my first time. I conducted a couple of tests to make sure the screen was 100% in working order. I tested the battery performance, touch screen sensitivity, dock connector, most people call it a charging port. I tested it to see if the phone was charging and a couple of other checks.

The phone was good to go and my cousin was over the moon happy with the repair. From there I incrementally kept asking friends and family if they need some help with their iPhone and slowly but slowly I started repairing more and more iPhones. My confidence level increased with every repair. I learned something new from every repair, things do not always go to plan and other times the repair can take only 20 minutes. You will find some challenges, especially if the previous repair was not done well. 

Customers are quite happy when you initially tell them the repair will take 60 to 90 minutes only to return their phone to them in 30 minutes saying done and tested. 

At iSAMURAI you can book a repair online, we will make contact with you within the hour to arrange a place where you would like us to repair your iPhone. All repairs come with a 12 month warranty and a friendly technician. We have a no fix, no fee policy. This means if we cannot fix it we will not charge you.

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