Meet Norwich’s iSamurai iPhone Repair Technician: Jonas

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Meet Jonas 

Jonas joined iSamurai earlier this year and been with us for just over three months.  We have not yet seen a cracked or rather is many cases a shattered screen he could not fix.

Why did you become an iSamurai?

I have always enjoyed fixing small electronic things for family and friends. I realised that I was pretty darn good at repairing things but wanted to start doing what I love and make some money out of it.

I started promoting myself on facebook and slowly built my own customer base but the work was coming in drips and drabs till one day I receive a call from Dave, the owner of iSamurai. He said he found me on facebook and would like to meet up. When we got together he told me what iSamurai is and about and asked if I would be interested in joining his start up, well you can say the rest is history.

Since you joined iSamurai do you still operate your business on facebook.

Yes, I still have my customer base and operate it but the majority of my work comes from iSamurai which is great. I can schedule my customers around iSamurai or vis versa, depending on the urgency of the job. Customers love it that I come to their place of choice to repair their device. I currently see myself as an entrepreneur running two small businesses. I love it.

That is awesome to hear, can you tell us more how it works. How do you get jobs through iSamurai.

Sure, it’s quite simple. Currently I am the only iSamurai in Norwich. So, what will happen is I will receive a call or text from head office informing me of a customer that needs their device repaired. Head office will inform me about what is wrong with the customers device and I will need give the customer a ring to find out a little more about the problem and agree on a time and place to meet. Once we sort that out I will go to where the customer would like to meet me and do the repair. Afterwards the customer will pay me through my portable card machine and iSamurai will bill me the commission. There is no delay in payment and iSamurai receives 10% commission for the customer lead. They steer business to me.

Tell us some of the places where you have had to repair a customer’s iPhone.

I have fixed it at many places, majority of the time it is at the person’s house, at their office or coffee shop. The one time though I fixed a customer’s device in the parking lot. We were at a mall and there was no place to sit, normally this is but this time I had to improvise so I fixed the customer’s device in my far.

What’s your favourite part working with iSamurai?

My favourite part working with iSamurai is I like it that business is steered towards me, allowing to worry less about the marketing stuff. I let iSamurai do that so I can focus more on my customers.  I also like the flexibility and have mentioned it before being my own boss and helping customer fix their phones and seeing their happy face when I repair their phone and they can start using it again.

If you would like to book a repair with iSamurai please go here and book a repair today.

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