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It is every easy to find your iPhone model number on your phone. Look at the back of your iPhone and you should see something that says "Model AXXXX". Match that to the list below to find out which iPhone model you own.

Another ways you can find your model number if you are unable to see the model number is go to SETTINGS on your iPhone. Navigate to General > About > Model (or Model Number). Tap once on Model to reveal the model number. Any iPhone using iOS 12.2 or later can see the Model Name under General > About > Model Name.

Additionally, you can find the size of your iPhone (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, etc.) by opening the Settings app in iOS and navigating to General > About > Capacity. The capacity section will be slightly less than what you actually have. For instance, a 64GB iPhone will probably show a capacity around 56GB.

Below is the model numbers you can match to the number back of your iPhone.


A1921iPhone Xs Max2018
A2101iPhone Xs Max2018
A1920iPhone Xs2018
A2097iPhone Xs2018
A1984Phone Xr2018
A1865Phone Xr2018
A1865iPhone X2017
A1901iPhone X2017
A1897iPhone 8 Plus2017
A1905iPhone 8 Plus2017
A1863iPhone 82017
A1905iPhone 82017
A1661iPhone 7 Plus2016
A1784iPhone 7 Plus2016
A1785iPhone 7 Plus2016
A1786iPhone 7 Plus2016
A1660iPhone 72016
A1778iPhone 72016
A1779iPhone 72016
A1780iPhone 72016
A1662iPhone SE2016
A1723iPhone SE2016
A1724iPhone SE2016
A1634Phone 6S Plus2016
A1687Phone 6S Plus2016
A1690Phone 6S Plus2016
A1699iPhone 6S Plus2016
A1633iPhone 6S2015
A1688iPhone 6S2015
A1691iPhone 6S2015
A1700iPhone 6S2015
A1522iPhone 6 Plus2014
A1524iPhone 6 Plus2014
A1593iPhone 6 Plus2014
A1549iPhone 62014
A1586iPhone 62014
A1589iPhone 62014
A1453iPhone 5S2013
A1457iPhone 5S2013
A1518iPhone 5S2013
A1528iPhone 5s2013
A1530iPhone 5s2013
A1533iPhone 5s2013

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