# 7 tips on how to save battery life on your iPhone

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The good news for iPhone users is there are a couple of tricks you can do to save your battery life on your beloved iPhone, actually in fact I know of 7 tips that can help you avoid running around looking for a place to charge up your device. Read more to find out how.

1. Update iOS on your iPhone

 You can update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. This will provide you with updated software for your phone, this can include energy-saving technology that can aid your iPhone and cut down the battery usage.

What you need to do is  on you iPhone, go to Settings - General - Software Update. If there is a new version available, select “Install”.

A good reminder is making sure that your iPhone is powered up or plugged into a charger. Software updated can use a lot of juice when updating.

2. Low Power Mode - Turn it on!

This is a cool feature with Apple devices. When your iPhone reaches a low percentage of power, about 20% your iPhone will prompted you to use lower power settings. Lower Power Mode can help you big time. What it does is enables some power-saving settings, which makes the screen less bright, minimises animations, stops your phone from downloading in the background and disables some settings that is note necessary right now. What is great about this feature is when you iPhone can finally be recharged, the lower battery mode will switch off.

To activate this setting on you iPhone go to Settings - Battery-  and select Lower Battery Mode.

3. Turn off apps and features you are not using

There are features on your phone that can literally be a drain. When you are not using them it is better to turn them off:

  • Fitness  Tracking App
  • Location Service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Data Usage
  • Bluetooth
  • Airdrop
  • Social Media Apps
  • iCloud

Some of the features just mentioned like WIFI and bluetooth can we switched off by swiping up on your device and switching them off from there. Some others however you will need to go to settings to disable them.

One feature I use when my iPhone is almost completely drained is Airplane Mode. This turns off all cellular activities (3G and 4G). This will allow your battery life to stretch a little further. On top of that cellular connection uses more power than WIFI, so when you are in Airplane Mode you can turn on your WIFI if you are in a WIFI area. This will use less than cellular.

4. Take a break from your screen

The screen on the iPhone has many pixels to light up and because of this it pulls a lot of power from your battery. This is a main reason why phones drain quite quickly. More active you are on your phone, less battery power you will have. Less active  you are on your phone more battery you will have.

However not many people can use their phone less so what you can do to save battery life is reduce the brightness of your screen. You can do this two ways, either by swiping up on your screen and dragging the bar downwards, you will immediately see the difference in brightness. The other option is go to Settings - Display and Brightness and select Auto-Lock. What you can do here is choose when you want your display to turn off when you are not active on your phone. The screen will automatically lock depending on what time setting you have set it to. The best option is selecting 30 seconds ,this will save more power on your battery.

 Battery Hungry Apps

There is a helpful tool in the iOS 8 and beyond that lets you find out which hungry apps are sucking the life out of your battery. Go to Settings - General - Battery - Usage and Viola all apps which are feeding on your battery is listed from highest to lowest.

Instagram and Facebook on Apple iPhone

Your battery can take a pounding from games, more so than facebook and instagram. The social media apps do still take a hefty amount of battery life, this is because of the videos and pictures you are viewing can cause plenty of battery drain. If you are a frequently user of social media platforms, just be mindful that this will have a toll on your battery life.

6. Say no to refreshing Apps

This can be a little irritating as some apps will be operating when you are not using them. Some are fitness trackers, location services and emails. To halter these apps from draining your precious battery life. You can go to Settings - Background App Refresh and select “Off”.

7. Take notice of Notifications!

Notification feature can also be switched off, this too can help save battery life. To find it, go to Settings - Mail - Notifications - Allow Notifications and select “Off”. 

8. Location Service

Another battery drainer is Location Service. By going to Settings - Privacy - Location Services  - you will find all applications currently running in the background. You have the option of choosing the turning them off or run only when the app is in use. I select only “While using the App”. I choose the latter.

If all the above have been implemented and you are still struggling to have a iPhone to last a day it is maybe time to replace the battery. This will do wonders and will feel like you have a new phone because the worry of your iPhone dying during mid conversation or running around frantically looking for a charger will end. 

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